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Strayer University Accreditation - All you need to know

strayer university accreditation

Are you having the thought of returning to school to accomplish your career and educational goals? In your inquiry and reviews of likely universities, you’re going to be familiar with the word “Accreditation.” You may see it and conclude that all universities are accredited and that it’s not essential of a qualification, but that’s far from the case. That’s why we want to present to you the Strayer university accreditation.

What is the meaning of “Accreditation?"
 Accreditation is a deliberate activity started by a university to get official acknowledgment that they meet or surpass a set of standards for higher learning. The process of gaining accreditation is rigorous, and the university must meet strict standards in regards to their faculty and curriculum. The independent accreditation agency handles numerous site visits and has the advantage of performing unannounced visits. In addition, the university must generate and implement an effectiveness system. The financial stability of the university is annually reviewed, as well as retention and rates. If the university is assessed to meet or pass the accreditation agency’s measures, the university then receives accreditation.

The Importance of Accreditation

Accreditation allows students to know that the school matches or exceeds a set standard of quality. It can be particularly important for distance learning universities, as it can give peace of mind in the quality and curriculum of online courses. Beyond the university, accreditation also assists employers to define the validity of the school’s degree programs.
Some employers will even review to make sure that the graduating institution is really accredited, as this knowledge can be applied in determining the condition of the applicant’s education. Accreditation is also necessary for the benefit of the university. It can display a dedication to best practices and conceiving goals for institutional improvement. Financially, it can render a basis for determining acceptability for federal student assistance—for a student to apply for federal loans and grants, the US Department of Education must accredit the university they’re attending. 

The difference between Institutional and Programmatic Accreditation?

There are two sets of accreditation—Institutional and Programmatic. Institutional Accreditation focuses on the well-being of the entire institution, ensuring that the proper procedures and policies are in place to guarantee student success. It is also essential because, as mentioned, it can secure federal financial aid for students at a particular institution.
Programmatic Accreditation, on the other hand, focuses on specific subject matters. For any subject, there are programmatic accrediting agencies, and while Institutional Accreditation observes the overall institution, programmatic Accreditation goes in-depth on the detail at the program that they are accrediting and makes sure that the institution is preparing a certain set of knowledge and skills needed to thrive in that subject matter.

How Accreditation Can Aid You to Choose the Right University

Accreditation can act as validation for attending your choice university. Strayer University is both institutionally and programmatically accredited -- institutionally accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education & the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, which also certified universities like Johns Hopkins University, Princeton University, Syracuse University, and others.

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP) and Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) also graced the Strayer University with programmatic accreditation.
Our primary goal in sustaining our accreditations ensures that we have rigorous academic programs and courses that will benefit our students in the competitive marketplace.

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Engineering jobs with tempting salaries

engineering salaries 2020
On your career path, it is very tough to know whether your chosen industry will keep growing, become over-saturated, or even become completely irrelevant. It is obvious that the trend is towards improved information technology, engineering and automation, and this is expected to remain the case for the foreseeable future in engineering salaries 2020.

Classical fields such as petroleum and civil engineering are still in great demand, but the fastest-growing engineering fields with salaries with potential are those in the IT field. This report aims to list some engineering positions that are most in-demand and with the most significant salary potential for 2020 and beyond.

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How to Hire Law Firm for Mesothelioma claim

How to hire law firm for mesothelioma claim

Mesothelioma Law Firm

 Mesothelioma, a Deadly disease that affects the lungs, abdomen, and some major organs in the Body, has been found to be caused by Constant Prolong contact and/or exposure with Asbestos.

People actually become exposed to Asbestos mainly from a construction site, that use Asbestos contained Products also called Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). Now, the main Reason why a Mesothelioma Law firm is Needed is simply to Get back to the manufacturers of Asbestos who were fully Aware of the Life Threatening Dangers but refused to make it Public Because of Fear of loss and why? Because Asbestos is very Profitable.

Now that Information has been Exposed, Workers who unknowingly Developed Health Issues from Asbestos exposure are Eligible to receive Financial compensation in the fight against the disease to cover expenses, physiological and physical suffering among others.

Currently, there is over $35 billion in asbestos trust funds, set up for those who have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness.


Why Do you Really Need a Mesothelioma Law Firm 

  1.  Mesothelioma Law firms are completely Different from any other Law firms such as Accident, Insurance e.t.c. So you are getting Attached to a Law firm that focuses squarely on Mesothelioma and Asbestos issues.
  2. Lawyers are trained with In-depth understanding of Asbestos exposure and Diseases together with Federal and state knowledge and experience with other History.
  3.  They also have sharp investigative skills and are able to dig deep to uncover when and where companies and/or other entities exposed workers to asbestos. Additionally, these law firms are comprised of educated attorneys who understand the legal process involving courts, trials, settlements, and appeals.
  4. Moreover, an experienced firm understands that the victim is already suffering enough because of the medical and financial problems associated with asbestos-related diseases. As a result, the firm will handle most everything regarding the lawsuit, including fighting for the legal rights of the client, interviewing witnesses, obtaining medical history, litigations, and more. 

 What to Look out for Before Hiring an Asbestos Law Firm

  • The law firm must be an Experienced one regarding cases with Mesothelioma
  • The law firm should be extremely knowledgeable in asbestos laws and prior cases
  • Look for a law firm that focuses solely on asbestos-related cases
  • Look for law firms with a Good Review and reputation in handling asbestos cases. 
  • The law firm should also Have knowledge of health Implications with Asbestos so as to carry out the case effectively
  • The law firm should always keep you updated on what’s going on in your case.
  • You should always get an initial consultation at no charge before deciding on a firm(They shouldn't be after your money)

Your Case Worth/Law firm Fees

Most Law firms Understand the Current condition of Mesothelioma clients and know Finances has for sure been a major issues battling the Deadly Disease. As a result, many firms work on a CONTINGENCY FEE basis, meaning that they only get paid when you get paid and you Only get paid when you win the case.
If the law firm doesn’t win your case, they don’t receive compensation either in most instances.(Not all Law firns)

Then, the Law firm Fees would be a percentage taken out of your compensation Fee and this percentage (%) varies with different Firms. Understanding the Fees and percentage settlement Firstly before proceeding would be Really helpful so as to Avoid any misunderstanding when the case is eventually won.

Firms with CONTINGENCY FEES rather boost confidence in the Client as it shows how willing they want to help you win the case and will have no problems answering any questions you have regarding fees and prices.

Bulk Email Service - Your Guide to Get Started

How to send bulk email

Bulk Email Service

A bulk email service is the Feature that allows you send a single mail message to many Recipients at the same time. Bulk Email services is just Perfect for Email marketing and Conversion to Increase site traffic and conversion.

Types of bulk emails:

  1. Newsletters
  2. News Bulletins
  3. Notifications
  4. mailing list discussions
  5. email marketing promotions e.t.c

There are two main Types of Bulk Email
Legitimate Bulk Email. These types of mails are Agreed and voluntary, you Ask recipients whether they want to receive emails, Recipients opt in E-mail address by themselves, it Has unsubscribe information inside the email, most times the Sender is added to the Recipient's contact list and mail Do not regularly Get filtered to the Spam Folder.

Unsolicited Bulk Email. The distinctive features are:
  1. Recipients didn’t agree to receive messages.
  2. There is no «unsubscribe» button.
  3. Isn’t personalized.
  4. The email list is hardly ever updated.

 How to avoid spamming people through bulk emails

  • It's better to create your own E-mail list rather than Buying E-mail Addresses because they may not be Interested in your mails.
  • Use a reputable email system. Such as
  •  If you send too many emails at once, mails would be Filtered as Spam
  • Use double opt-in permission marketing. The subscriber confirms their subscription by replying to an email.
  •  Be reliable.
  • You should make subscribers’ data confidential
  • Keep the language simple for easy understanding
  • Create an «unsubscribe» button

Start your Bulk Email services Today!

Hard Drive Data Recovery services and steps

What is Data Recovery? Data Recovery is simply the process or act of retrieving inaccessible Data from Damaged or corrupt storage.

Data loss is very common, being due to human errors, viral attacks or natural or man-made screw ups , however in almost all difficult pressure recovery cases, the statistics may be recovered by using a skilled pc information recuperation technician.
Simplest inside the maximum severe instances of platter damage, magnetic degradation or a report over-write will the statistics be labelled as unrecoverable.
3 disastrous scenarios
right here are 3 disaster scenarios that can reason the most statistics loss, due to the fact they affect each physical and electronic garage:

Cheapest and Most reliable Web hosting of 2020

Web Hosting

Finding the cheapest web hosting company isn't as simple as it seems. You have to look beyond the advertised price, which is often a discounted introductory rate, to see what their regular fees are, whether they charge for setup or domain migration, and also what kind of features they include. These five companies offer an excellent array of features at very affordable prices, and if you keep in mind your budget and the tools that matter the most to you, selecting the right company shouldn't be too difficult.